Using solenoid valves and sensors, gas mixtures are injected in the quantities necessary to reach the required concentrations in each chamber using oxygen from the air and packaged CO2 and N2. Each chamber has solenoid valves at its gas inlet and outlet, as well as a mixing fan, to accelerate homogenization inside each chamber.


The automatic control is carried out through an industrial computer that, based on the information from the sensors, activates the entry and exit of gases necessary to each chamber, to maintain the desired concentrations (previously configured), to guarantee maximum reliability of the system.

The control and monitoring process is carried out sequentially, checking and adjusting the gases in each of the chambers. The control algorithms are designed with the client once the project has started. Some of the parameters will be configurable by the user.
The following diagram is an initial scheme that could undergo minor modifications to best satisfy the client's requirements.


In the future, other measuring equipment can be coupled in series, expanding its functionality, such as incorporating a continuous ethylene measurement sensor, or incorporating more gas cylinders. This implementation would be priced separately.

1) Sequential Measurement Mode
(Standard Controlled Atmosphere 0-20%)

In this modality, a centralized gas analyzer is used that monitors the chambers sequentially. In this mode you expect to get a control error:

  • less than 0.50% in the range [0-20%]
  • less than 0.35% in the range [0-2%] (Ultra Low Oxygen)
2) Continuous Measurement Mode

In this modality, it is required to add an independent CO2 and O2 sensor for each chamber, which allows continuous monitoring of each chamber without the need to recirculate the gas to measure. This allows for greater precision in the measurement of fruit respiration and is expected to obtain a control error.
less than 0.19% in the range [0-2%] (Ultra Low Oxygen).

3) Incorporation of Larger Chambers(optional)

We offer to add large cameras to the system. For this, the same monitoring and control system is used, but a new gas injection network is incorporated, since the gas flows are much greater than those of the micro chambers.

Monitoring and Control

We also offer a web data visualization platform that allows you to view the status of the cameras, in addition to downloading historical data.

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